Unravel The Mystery of Motorcycle Insurance: What Riders Need to Know

Motorcycle insurance can help protect your favorite investment in case of a motorcycle accident, theft, or damage. The motorcycle insurance experts at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA can help you choose the best motorcycle insurance policy for your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about what motorcycle insurance covers in Pennsylvania and how to choose the best policy for your needs.  

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Typically Cover in Pennsylvania?

If you’re buying motorcycle insurance for the first time, you probably have questions or concerns about the process. The good news is that choosing the best insurance in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be complicated when you talk to a licensed and experienced insurance agent about your needs. 

Like most US states, Pennsylvania insurance agencies offer various motorcycle coverage options and add-ons to help protect your investment. 

Basic Insurance Coverage

The state’s liability laws protects riders who opt for basic insurance coverage. 

Liability insurance offers financial protection that shields policyholders from massive liability claims and out-of-pocket expenses that can arise from a motorcycle accident. 

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance for Motorcycles

Bikers who want to add more insurance protection can opt for comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies that cover additional incidents that can include collision, theft, and vandalism coverage.

Some comprehensive policies can even cover damage to your bike caused by natural disasters or floods. Ask your insurance agent about add-ons for new and existing policies.

Where Can I Learn More About Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance

Interested in learning more about how to choose a policy? Talk to an experienced insurance agent at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA to learn about the best motorcycle insurance policy options for you and your family.