Is Home Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

If you have a mortgage on your Emmaus, PA home, your lender may require that you purchase home insurance to protect his investment. Otherwise, home insurance is an optional choice for Pennsylvania homeowners. If you’re unsure whether this coverage is worth the cost, consider how you would pay for repairs to your home or replace personal goods if they were unexpectedly destroyed in a disaster. Home insurance from Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group offers the following protection for your home and personal property.  

Dwelling Coverage

Pennsylvania is prone to such disasters as wildfires, winter storms, tropical storms, and tornadoes. These disasters can cause extensive damage to a home, leaving you with thousands of dollars’ or more worth of repair costs. Home dwelling coverage protects you against these and other perils that can damage or destroy your home structure. Optimal coverage is that which covers the cost of rebuilding your Emmaus, PA home if it’s destroyed in a disaster.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your possessions, from clothes to furniture to appliances, artwork, and electronics. Your coverage should be enough to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your valuables if they’re stolen or destroyed in a disaster. By making a home inventory, you’ll have accurate documentation of all you own to facilitate claiming if and when it comes.

Liability Coverage

If you receive visitors often, you’ll want liability coverage to protect you against accidental injuries on your property. Liability insurance covers such common incidents as slip and falls, kitchen accidents, yard accidents, dog bites, and more. It saves you from paying the high cost of medical bills from accidental injuries out of pocket.

For quality home insurance at affordable costs, talk to us at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group.