Costs to Consider When Buying a Condo

Buying a condo can be pretty exciting. On the one hand, you’ll have a place to call your home, an abode where you can unwind in comfort, and an investment that might turn a substantial profit someday. On the other hand, you can enjoy many conveniences that come with living in a condo community, potentially including security, on-site amenities, landscaping, and more. However, before signing on the dotted line, it’s smart to consider the full costs, including HOA premiums, condo insurance policy costs, and more. If you have questions or concerns, contact Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, serving Emmaus, PA,

Costs You Can’t Overlook When Buying a Condo

First, with many condos, you’ll have to pay a fee to a management organization. This is often called a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fee, and the costs can vary widely. With some condos, it might be just a few hundred dollars. With others, the fees could exceed a thousand dollars. These fees will pay for various things, potentially including landscaping, garbage fees, and more. What’s covered will vary, so read the fine print.

Often, HOA fees will help pay for repairs for community property, such as the road or the roof on a high rise. However, extra fees will sometimes be charged to pay for extensive repairs. It’s wise to inquire to see if there may be hidden or unanticipated costs.

Another cost you shouldn’t overlook is insurance. While the condo management company may take out an insurance plan, it likely won’t cover everything for your personal unit. If someone breaks into your condo and steals stuff, it might not covered under the condo management’s insurance, for example. The right personal condo insurance plans, however, may provide coverage. If you need help selecting condo insurance, contact Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, serving Emmaus, PA.

Risks of Not Having Condo Insurance

If you live in a condominium and own a unit, you probably understand that your home should be protected. One of the most efficient ways to protect it is to get condo insurance. Condo insurance is defined as a mix of different coverage types that provide protection for your precious investment in case of such unexpected events as fire, theft, accidental injuries to your guests and visitors, and more. If you are not sure whether it is worth having condo insurance, you should be aware of the risks of skipping it.

What Are The Risks Of Not Carrying Condo Insurance?

The risks are the following: 

  • Putting your financial future at a huge risk. If something happens to your condo (fire, theft, or other incidents), and your unit is damaged, you will be responsible for losses and have to pay out of pocket. With condominium insurance, you do not have to worry about it because it will cover the expenses. 
  • Paying for medical bills of your guests or visitors if they get injured. You never know what can happen to your guests or visitors. For example, if they fall and get injured, you will have to cover the costs associated with it. 
  • Not having peace of mind. If you do not carry condo insurance, you will constantly be worrying that something can happen, and you will be facing significant financial losses. With condo insurance, you will have peace of mind instead.  

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If you own a condo in Emmaus, PA, or any other nearby town, and you are thinking of getting condo insurance, let our insurance agency help you. We specialize in different types of insurance, including condo insurance. We will help you find the best coverage based on your insurance needs and budget. Contact Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group to learn more about insurance options and ask questions. 

What to know about condo insurance

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA is the area’s insurance resource. We are here to help you with all of your insurance needs. If you are looking into buying a condo soon, give us a call and learn more about the available options. 

ABCs of condo insurance

Owning a condo can provide you with a lifestyle that requires less maintenance than homeownership. With a condo, you are responsible for your unit, while the condo board, or another similar entity, takes care of common areas and amenities.

Some of today’s condo buildings offer resort-style amenities. These features make condo living even more attractive! If you are in the process of purchasing a condo, be sure to review your insurance options.

There are several comprehensive condo policies available from a range of providers. If you still haven’t selected a policy, it is understandable if you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the large number of available policies!

This is a perfect example of a situation where local insurance agents can give you an edge. Meeting with someone familiar with your local area can make all the difference when choosing your condo insurance policy.

Why not get the information you need firsthand while making your selection? Local agents are well-informed, friendly, and happy to help! Our team is here now, ready to lend a hand with all of your insurance needs.

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Emmaus, PA area residents can rely on Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group for all of their insurance needs. We can help you if you want to purchase a condo or upgrade your current policy. Give us a call or stop by today.

Why condo insurance is so important

Condo living can provide an easy lifestyle that many folks enjoy. It is important that condo owners understand the specifics of insurance and what is covered by their Condo Board, and what needs to be handled by their own personal policy. The helpful team at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group serving Emmaus, PA, and the surrounding area has got you covered. 

Why you need a personal condo policy

While it is true that a condo board will often carry a substantial amount of insurance coverage, it is also required that unit owners have their own policies. A board’s policy will cover things like common areas and structural damage. However, if damage occurs within your unit, it will be your own policy that covers the liability. Condo insurance is important as any damage that occurs within a unit is the responsibility of the owner.

While it may not seem fair, there are instances where an owner will be liable for damage in their unit even if they had no control over the event. For example, if your upstairs neighbor has a plumbing issue, you will likely be responsible for any water or other damage that occurs within your unit. Condo insurance helps to protect you from loss if a covered event occurs. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that condo owners do not need comprehensive coverage. 

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If you are a condo owner in the greater Emmaus, PA area, the team at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group is here to answer all of your questions regarding insurance. We are here to help, so feel free to call or stop by our office to learn more about the condo insurance policies available in our area. 

What Insurance Options are Available for Pennsylvania Condo Owners?

Your condominium is your home and one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. Obtaining the proper condo insurance policy for your Pennsylvania pad is extremely important to protect your investment.

Much like a homeowner’s insurance policy, your condo insurance policy will provide coverage for your personal belongings, which include your clothing and household goods and appliances. It will also cover the structure of your condo along with any additions and improvements you have made to your condo before a disaster occurs, such as a fire, vandalism, or natural disasters, such as a tornado, flood, or hail storm.

In Pennsylvania, you can also obtain Full Value Personal Property insurance, which will protect you against certain things that may be levied against you by the condo association in which you may belong. It will also cover the living expenses that you may incur while your condo is being repaired, renovated, or rebuilt after a disaster happens.

You will also want to have coverage for liability. This means if someone is visiting you at your condo and becomes injured somehow and it is deemed to be your fault due to negligence or some other reason, their medical bills, and your condo insurance policy will cover lost wages.

Obtaining the best condo insurance policy for your home in Pennsylvania is extremely important to protect your investment and your peace of mind. To create the best policy that will provide you and your condo with the optimum amount of coverage, you will need to enlist the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable condo insurance agent. 

The skilled condo insurance agents at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA are ready to assist you with all of your condo insurance needs to provide the best coverage for you and your situation. Call Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group for an appointment today!