Four priorities when you buy classic car insurance

Your classic car insurance policy should protect your vehicle’s value. Classic car insurance policies are designed for high-value vehicles that generally don’t get as much usage as average vehicles used for everyday commuting.

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group offers classic car insurance to consumers in Emmaus, PA. When you buy classic car insurance, there are a few priorities you should focus on. The following are four priorities when you purchase classic car insurance. 

Choosing a policy with agreed-value coverage

Agreed value coverage ensures you won’t be compensated significantly less for your vehicle after it depreciates in value.

It’s a good idea to choose an agreed-value policy rather than an actual cash-value policy to ensure that you’re getting adequate coverage. 

Including inflation protection

With inflation protection, the agreed value you receive for your motorhome, if it is totaled, will be adjusted for inflation. This further ensures you’ll get a definite value back on a claim if your motorhome is totaled. 

Knowing any mileage limits that are included in your policy

Some classic car insurance policies come along with mileage limits. You may only be able to drive your classic car a certain number of miles within a given period for your policy to remain in effect. It’s essential to be aware of these mileage limits so that you don’t go over them and lose coverage as a result. 

Getting modifications covered

Many classic car owners make modifications to their vehicles that increase their value. If you’ve made modifications to your vehicle, ensure these modifications are covered under your policy. 

Let us help you find the right policy for your classic car in Emmaus, PA. Call us at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, and we’ll provide you with a quote on a policy that provides you with the coverage you want and need.