What are my auto insurance requirements in Pennsylvania?

When you are in the Emmaus, PA area, you will want to know that you have a reliable way to get around the community. For many people, this can mean owning a car. If you are going to buy a car when you are in this area, you also need to make sure you get the right insurance. For those here, there are various requirements to consider when looking for coverage. 

Minimum State Liability Requirements

As you seek insurance in this state, you must consider the state minimum liability requirements. Like other states, Pennsylvania requires all car drivers to have certain levels of liability coverage. This includes having bodily injury coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per incident, personal property coverage of $5,000, and uninsured motorist coverage of $30,000 per accident. If you do not have this coverage, you could be penalized if caught driving without it.

Auto Loan Provider Requirements

With the price of vehicles continuing to rise over the years, it is widespread for car owners to carry an auto loan. If you have taken out a loan when buying a car, you need to meet the insurance requirements set by your lender. Usually, a lender will require you to have a full comprehensive and collision plan. This is helpful coverage as it will ensure you have coverage for damage or theft.

Anyone in the Emmaus, PA area will want to know they have proper insurance. When you are looking for coverage, you can call our team with Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group to discuss your needs. When you call our team with Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, you can get all the guidance necessary to build a new policy. 

It is Illegal to Drive Without Auto Insurance – Don’t Be Without It

Many people wonder why car insurance is such a big deal. With auto insurance, you do not need to worry about the financial fallout that could occur in the event you are in a car accident. If you live in or near Emmaus, PA, Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can provide you with auto insurance to protect you from a possible mishap.

Did you know driving without car insurance in 48 states is illegal?

This requirement encourages people to drive with caution and safety.

If you are in an accident or if your vehicle is stolen, the result could be a lot of money spent needlessly. Not having insurance to cover the resulting damage can result in hefty fines or even jail time. Drivers need the protection auto insurance provides.

Collision and comprehensive coverage are not required if you drive an older vehicle or one that is paid off. But everyone, regardless of the age of their care or if it is paid off, is required to have liability coverage to cover any injury to another person.

Types of auto insurance you can purchase:

  • Bodily injury liability is designed to pay medical costs for another if you injure them in an accident where you were at fault.
  • Collision coverage pays for damage to the driver’s vehicle or property. This includes damage caused by a collision with another car or hitting an object such as a lamppost.
  • Comprehensive coverage reimburses you for theft, loss, or damage to your car caused by an incident other than a collision, such as hail, hitting an animal, fire damage, or a falling object.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage protects you in an accident where the driver at fault does not have enough insurance coverage or no insurance coverage.

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Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

Renting a car is done online these days for the most part and as soon as you start the process, questions about what insurance coverage you want to purchase are being thrown at you. It can be intimidating. You may end up purchasing more insurance than you need just to get through the renting process. At Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA, we are an independent insurance agency that believes in providing our customers with personalized and caring service. 

Not everyone has insurance that will cover a rental car. If you have basic insurance, which is liability coverage, you will only be partially covered and will need additional coverage. You have to protect the vehicle you are renting in the event you damage it. In order to be protected by your personal auto insurance, you must have a full-coverage policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. If you have an older vehicle with complete coverage, check with your insurance agent to make sure it will provide enough coverage for a newer, more expensive vehicle. 

The rental car company will try to sell you additional liability coverage. If you are comfortable with the amount of coverage that you live with on your own policy, you don’t need this coverage. If you have home, renters, or condo insurance, your personal property is covered in the vehicle you are renting, so you don’t need that coverage either. 

Always check with your credit card company to see what benefits it provides. Many cover you for a rental car if you use that credit card to book and pay for your rental. If you don’t have the right auto insurance, getting CDW (collision damage waiver) coverage from the rental company takes the place of that coverage. 

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Does Every Driver in Pennsylvania Need Car Insurance?

If you’re a driver in Pennsylvania, you should know that auto insurance is required to operate a vehicle here. If you’re in the Emmaus, PA area and are shopping around for a new auto insurance policy, the team at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group is here to help. 

Why Is Auto Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

While auto insurance is absolutely legally required in Pennsylvania, the common sense behind investing in auto insurance goes much deeper than that. There are over 3 million drivers on the road in Pennsylvania every day. If you live in this great state, you know that traffic here is a daily occurrence and something you have to plan around. 

While you may be the best driver on the road and drive defensively and safely, you simply can not control the way other drivers behave on the road. We can only anticipate what could happen, and for that reason, insurance is the best common-sense investment you can make as a driver in Pennsylvania. 

With that being said, it’s no secret that determining which auto insurance policy is best for you and your household can be a challenge. If you have multiple drivers and vehicles, your coverage is different than a one-driver household. The team at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can help answer any questions or concerns you have about the insurance purchasing process and we’re happy to help you select the best policy for your driving needs. 

If you’re in the Emmaus, PA area, auto insurance is something you should always maintain. As long as you’re driving on the roads here, it’s absolutely essential for peace of mind and the safety of others and yourself. 

A Guide To Help Local Pennsylvania Drivers Find The Right Auto Insurance Policy

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group are happy to serve the local Emmaus, PA community, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping our clients find the insurance coverage they need regardless of their situation. We look forward to serving you with integrity and trust.

Auto Insurance Policy

Your vehicle is one of your most prized possessions. Auto insurance allows you to protect your asset. Keep in mind that accidents can happen at any time, especially while you are on the road. Auto insurance gives you a safety net in the event of a crisis.

Collision coverage protects your vehicle if you are involved in an accident with another driver. The coverage also protects your vehicle if it suffers damages by hitting a tree or crashing into a fence. You can add uninsured motorist coverage to protect you if your vehicle is involved in an accident with someone who does not have insurance.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it is stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if your vehicle is damaged by a fire or a natural disaster such as a tornado. Comprehensive coverage ensures that you are protected regardless of the situation.

Liability coverage is an asset if you are ruled to be at fault for any injures that occurred due to the collision. You are also protected if you cause damage to someone else’s property. You can add roadside assistance to cover you in emergencies. Perhaps you are traveling out of Emmaus, PA, and you suffer engine trouble. You will receive urgent assistance. If you plan to add any accessories to your vehicle, you’ll have to amend your policy to cover the upgrades if something happens.

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group Will Help You Protect Your Asset

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How Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania Can Protect You

For those that are in the Nazareth or Emmaus, PA area, owning a car is often a necessity. A car is also a significant asset that requires a considerable investment. Due to this, it is vital that you carefully consider your insurance needs for your vehicle. Getting auto insurance in this area is very important because it can protect you and your vehicle in several different ways. 

Gives Protection for Vehicle

While a car is a big responsibility and necessity, it also usually comes with a large purchase that should be protected. With auto insurance, you can get collision and comprehensive insurance coverage that will provide protection for almost any situation that could result in a loss. This can include providing you with coverage to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. If you have an auto lender, it will likely be a requirement that you carry this form of insurance as well.

Liability Protection

Another way that auto insurance can protect you is by providing you with liability protection. Even if you are a very safe driver, there is always a chance that you could cause an accident. If this occurs, it will be up to you to cure the damages. When you have an auto insurance policy, you will receive the coverage you need to pay restitution if you are at fault and cause an accident. 

If you are in the Nazareth or Emmaus, PA area, and are looking for auto insurance, you should call Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group. The team at the Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can provide you with the support that you need to find a quality insurance policy. This will include carefully assessing your risks and needs to ensure they are covered by your policy.