Is Home Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

If you have a mortgage on your Emmaus, PA home, your lender may require that you purchase home insurance to protect his investment. Otherwise, home insurance is an optional choice for Pennsylvania homeowners. If you’re unsure whether this coverage is worth the cost, consider how you would pay for repairs to your home or replace personal goods if they were unexpectedly destroyed in a disaster. Home insurance from Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group offers the following protection for your home and personal property.  

Dwelling Coverage

Pennsylvania is prone to such disasters as wildfires, winter storms, tropical storms, and tornadoes. These disasters can cause extensive damage to a home, leaving you with thousands of dollars’ or more worth of repair costs. Home dwelling coverage protects you against these and other perils that can damage or destroy your home structure. Optimal coverage is that which covers the cost of rebuilding your Emmaus, PA home if it’s destroyed in a disaster.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your possessions, from clothes to furniture to appliances, artwork, and electronics. Your coverage should be enough to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your valuables if they’re stolen or destroyed in a disaster. By making a home inventory, you’ll have accurate documentation of all you own to facilitate claiming if and when it comes.

Liability Coverage

If you receive visitors often, you’ll want liability coverage to protect you against accidental injuries on your property. Liability insurance covers such common incidents as slip and falls, kitchen accidents, yard accidents, dog bites, and more. It saves you from paying the high cost of medical bills from accidental injuries out of pocket.

For quality home insurance at affordable costs, talk to us at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group. 

Should You Review Your Classic Car Insurance Policy?

If you have a classic vehicle, you probably also have classic car insurance. But when was the last time you reviewed or updated your policy? If you haven’t gone over your policy with your agent in a while, you might want to consider doing that. It’s imperative to have the right type and level of coverage, and it’s harder to have that if you’re not exactly sure what it should be. If you’re in the Emmaus, PA area, Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can help you get the kind of coverage you need for your classic vehicle. We can also review your current policy, so you know if you need to make future changes.

If you’ve recently moved your classic vehicle to a different storage location, done a lot of work to it, or added some modifications, you may need to review your policy and adjust it so you can keep your coverage strong. It’s never a good thing to have an issue with a vehicle and find that your coverage for it wasn’t adequate. By working with a knowledgeable agent to review your classic car policy, you can reduce your risk of experiencing that kind of problem with the vehicle you love and take pride in. We’re here to help you keep your vehicle protected.

Reach out to us today at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group if you’re in the Emmaus, PA area. We can work with you on the concerns you have with your current classic car insurance policy. That gives you the option to make adjustments and have more peace of mind and coverage. Make sure you don’t feel that there’s a need to make any changes that can help you feel better, as well. Either way, you’ll know your policy was reviewed and that you have the right coverage for your needs.

Protect Your Personal Belongings With Renters Insurance

Renting a place to live can be exciting, but it also comes with some decisions that need to be made. One of those is the best way to protect your personal belongings, and you can do that with renters insurance. At Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group, we help people in the Emmaus, PA area find the insurance products that are right for them. Reach out to us today, and we’ll make sure you can get the renter’s policy that’s going to cover your belongings properly. It’s not always easy to know what to choose, but it’s much less stressful with the right people on your side.

Our dedicated agents will help you protect the belongings you bring into your new rental space, so you can feel good about the protection you have and enjoy peace of mind in your new location. That’s a great way to feel more secure and to sleep better at night. When you’re unsure about the type and level of coverage you’re looking for, talking it through with knowledgeable professionals can make all the difference. That will give you confidence that your belongings are being protected the right way and let you focus on exploring all that the area has to offer.

If you’re in the Emmaus, PA area, contact us today at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group. We’ll help you find the renter’s insurance policy that’s going to cover your belongings and meet your needs. Remember, your landlord only has insurance on the structure and not on the contents. Your belongings won’t be protected from loss unless you insure them, and we can help you do that the right way. We can also review your coverage periodically to ensure you have what you need to protect your belongings the right way for the long term.

Three expenses your RV insurance policy should cover

RV owners need to understand what their RV insurance policy covers. We can help you to learn more about what RV insurance can cover at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group.

The following are three expenses that your RV insurance policy should ideally cover if you are an RV owner in Emmaus, PA. 

Costs of a lawsuit resulting from an RV accident

The liability coverage component of your RV insurance will cover the costs of legal representation if you are sued as the result of an RV accident. When you have RV insurance, your insurance company can handle the details of defending your interests in the event of legal disputes as to the result of an accident. 

Repair costs for damages to your own RV

You should purchase collision coverage as part of your RV insurance coverage. This type of coverage will pay for any expenses resulting from repair bills for your RV.

If you don’t invest in collision coverage, you will have to foot the bill for damages to your RV out of pocket. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your policy includes collision coverage. 

Repair costs for fire or theft damages to your own RV

If you also invest in comprehensive coverage for your RV, you will also be covered for expenses resulting from fire or theft damage.

Comprehensive coverage is especially important to have if you live in your RV full time. Comprehensive coverage offers you coverage for many types of damage to your RV that standard collision coverage won’t provide. 

Get the RV coverage you need in Emmaus, PA today with our help. Visit our Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group office to learn more about our RV insurance offerings. 

How Much Motorcycle Insurance Do You Need in Pennsylvania?

When you purchase a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, it’s vital that you also obtain enough motorcycle insurance coverage to protect you in case you’re in an accident. Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA can help you select the correct amount of motorcycle insurance for your specific situation, after learning about your bike and your usual riding style.

  • Liability Insurance – Quite a lot of damage can occur during a collision, and liability insurance covers damage to anyone else’s vehicle, property, or physical health. This insurance will protect you if you’re sued, and it’s usually a good idea to carry as much liability insurance as you can afford. Your insurance agent will help you decide on the policy that’s right for you. 
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance –  If you are involved in a collision, there’s no guarantee that the other party will be carrying enough insurance to pay your medical bills or repair any damage to your bike. This insurance will help cover you if you’re in a collision with someone who doesn’t have enough insurance. 
  • Collision Insurance – Collision insurance protects your motorcycle itself, and is often required by the company that holds the financing on the bike. 
  • Medical Insurance – This is additional insurance that you can purchase to cover medical bills for you and any passengers on your bike. It may supplement your medical insurance, or it may kick in after your medical insurance is exhausted, depending on the individual policies you carry. 

Once you’ve selected the best motorcycle for you, it’s important also to choose the correct amount of insurance coverage. Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can help you choose the right policies for you so that you can ride safely in Bethlehem or Emmaus, PA, and be protected in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrella Insurance.

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group serves the community of Emmaus, PA with quality insurance services for all aspects of life. If you have been considering the coverage you have and wondering if it is enough, it may be time to discuss umbrella insurance coverage. Here are some common questions people have about this type of coverage:

FAQs About Umbrella Insurance Coverage

  • I am not wealthy, but I do have a lot of business assets. Do I need umbrella coverage? Your situation is exactly one that would benefit from umbrella coverage. If you have a lot of assets for your company, chances are you have a lot to lose if things go awry. A quality insurance policy can only cover so much. If you want to make sure you are fully protected, additional umbrella coverage could save your business in a worst-case scenario. 
  • What is umbrella coverage? Umbrella insurance is an add-on policy that can add additional monetary protection for specific situations or items. Some people purchase an umbrella policy to get protection from litigation if they are to be in the public eye; others purchase an umbrella policy to cover a specific item beyond what their typical policy will cover. 
  • Is umbrella coverage a legal requirement? No, you do not have to carry umbrella insurance legally. It is an add on to provide you peace of mind and significantly greater coverage, often for a small price each month on top of your commercial insurance. 

If you live in or around the scenic Emmaus, PA area, contact us at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group to learn more about protecting your vital assets. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about umbrella insurance and your specific situation. 

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is one of the more commonly referenced forms of add on insurance coverage for your home. Is it necessary, though? Every homeowner needs to make this decision on his or her own, which is why you need to consider your personal property and whether flood insurance is right. Here at Patricks McNeals Insurance and Financial Group, we want to do whatever we can to educate you on flood insurance and assist you with finding the right answers. So, if you live in Emmaus, PA, here is what you need to know. 

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Living in Pennsylvania, you might assume you don’t need flood insurance because you’re not at risk of a major hurricane. While this is true, it isn’t the only way properties flood. For starters, after a major winter thaw, you might have far more water around your property than the ground can handle. A massive storm can blow through and damage it, or a pipe might even burst. You probably know someone who had flooding due to a frozen pipe. 

Beyond this, if there is a fire within your property, there’s a good chance of flooding because of the amount of water used to put the fire out. For all these reasons and more, it is a good idea for you to invest in flood insurance.

Flood Insurance For Your Property

With flood insurance, you’re able to protect your property even further. If you are interested in flood insurance, or if you want to learn more about its coverage and other home insurance opportunities, our staff at Patricks McNeals Insurance and Financial Group is here to help. When living around Emmaus, PA, feel free to give us a call to talk about your insurance options and how you can get started with a policy.

What Insurance Options are Available for Pennsylvania Condo Owners?

Your condominium is your home and one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. Obtaining the proper condo insurance policy for your Pennsylvania pad is extremely important to protect your investment.

Much like a homeowner’s insurance policy, your condo insurance policy will provide coverage for your personal belongings, which include your clothing and household goods and appliances. It will also cover the structure of your condo along with any additions and improvements you have made to your condo before a disaster occurs, such as a fire, vandalism, or natural disasters, such as a tornado, flood, or hail storm.

In Pennsylvania, you can also obtain Full Value Personal Property insurance, which will protect you against certain things that may be levied against you by the condo association in which you may belong. It will also cover the living expenses that you may incur while your condo is being repaired, renovated, or rebuilt after a disaster happens.

You will also want to have coverage for liability. This means if someone is visiting you at your condo and becomes injured somehow and it is deemed to be your fault due to negligence or some other reason, their medical bills, and your condo insurance policy will cover lost wages.

Obtaining the best condo insurance policy for your home in Pennsylvania is extremely important to protect your investment and your peace of mind. To create the best policy that will provide you and your condo with the optimum amount of coverage, you will need to enlist the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable condo insurance agent. 

The skilled condo insurance agents at Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA are ready to assist you with all of your condo insurance needs to provide the best coverage for you and your situation. Call Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group for an appointment today!

Tips on The Agency To Purchase Your Life Insurance From in Emmaus, PA

When it comes to life, there are many aspects of it to enjoy. Your family, friends, favorite activities, working in your dream career, and much more. However, one of the most critical elements of life that you have to worry about is life insurance. 

Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group is based in Emmaus, PA, and has served the local community for many years. It is our mission to provide every client with the appropriate protection that is needed, life happens out of the blue, and sometimes we cannot be prepared for it. So why not be prepared for something like investing in life insurance now? Here are quick tips on what you should look for in an agency when shopping for life insurance.

How long has the agency been in business?

In the business world, longevity means a lot. A good insurance agency that has 10+ years of experience shows that they have put in some time with serving the local community. This lets you know that the community trusts them with crucial life decisions that they work together on a long-term basis. 

The reputation of the agency from current clients

Life insurance is a major decision to make in life, and to choose the perfect agency for you takes some time and research. One thing to pay attention to is what the current clients think about them. Many insurance agencies now and days offer more than just one type of insurance. If you can see and hear a multitude of good reviews from clients they work with now, think about the positives and how they can do the same for you. 

Would you like to learn more information from our team? Contact Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group in Emmaus, PA to discuss your options and learn how you can get started with a quote.

How Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania Can Protect You

For those that are in the Nazareth or Emmaus, PA area, owning a car is often a necessity. A car is also a significant asset that requires a considerable investment. Due to this, it is vital that you carefully consider your insurance needs for your vehicle. Getting auto insurance in this area is very important because it can protect you and your vehicle in several different ways. 

Gives Protection for Vehicle

While a car is a big responsibility and necessity, it also usually comes with a large purchase that should be protected. With auto insurance, you can get collision and comprehensive insurance coverage that will provide protection for almost any situation that could result in a loss. This can include providing you with coverage to repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. If you have an auto lender, it will likely be a requirement that you carry this form of insurance as well.

Liability Protection

Another way that auto insurance can protect you is by providing you with liability protection. Even if you are a very safe driver, there is always a chance that you could cause an accident. If this occurs, it will be up to you to cure the damages. When you have an auto insurance policy, you will receive the coverage you need to pay restitution if you are at fault and cause an accident. 

If you are in the Nazareth or Emmaus, PA area, and are looking for auto insurance, you should call Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group. The team at the Patrick McNealis Insurance and Financial Group can provide you with the support that you need to find a quality insurance policy. This will include carefully assessing your risks and needs to ensure they are covered by your policy.